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Mr. Kazuyoshi Masagaki

Mr. Kazuyoshi Masagaki

KOEI science laboratory is founded in 1969. We industrialized from the succeeded research of Mr. Kazuyoshi Masagaki who is a pioneer of "Lactic acid bacteria metabolites"research in Japan.

At Koei Science Lab, we focused our research on these lactic acid bacteria(LAB) metabolites, which are produced in the gut by bifidobacteria and other probiotic lactobacillus species. It turns out that certain substances produced by these bacteria are more important to human health than the bacteria themselves. These substances, called LAB metabolites have the ability to boost the human immune system.

Our company manufactures the high purity "LAB metabolites" which kick in work directly to a gut immunity system.We carry out based on many lactic acid bacteria and bifidus bacteria (16 select species (35 strains)) and we are making manufacture and sale of quality "LAB metabolites" with original symbiosis cultivation technology. (finishing the acquisition of a process patent)

We are dealing with many in-house product sale of health food and OEM in Japan. The "LAB metabolites" is broadly used the application to as health food,a health drink, and the materials of various supplements,a pet's health food, etc. (We acquire INCI from the U.S. personal association (PCPC) as a cosmetic material.)